Islamic Society of Regina (ISR) is a registered non-profit organization. Initially, we from a small group of Muslims living at Hanbidge Crescent and discuss the growing needs of Muslim community. We started looking for separate designated place for worship, where we can pray five times a day.  We approached the management of Hanbidge Crescent and gave them aislamic-images-isr series of presentations. Finally, we were able to rent a one bedroom unit at 87 Hanbidge Crescent. As a result a Musallah was formed on September 2009. A year later this Musallah was formally registered with CRA as non-profit organization as Islamic Society of Regina  on 24th December 2010. Because of this Musallah, Muslim community has increased manifold at Hanbidge crescent. Currently there are around 70 Muslim families are living at Hanbidge Crescent and almost same numbers of families are living close to Hanbidge Cr.  This one bedroom Musallah is very small compare to our needs. We have tired our level best to accommodate as much as we can. Currently there are two Friday prayers. During Ramadan, we’ve to borrow a living room of adjacent unit. Because of parking and other allied issues, land lord has given us several vocation notices and finally decided not to renew the lease for 2012-13. Since September 2012 our lease is on month to month basis. Under the circumstance we can only provide limited services to our community members. As you know renting a suite was a temporary arrangement in order to have a platform and look for better alternative later. In order to response to the needs of the growing Muslim community in Regina, the Islamic Society of Regina likes to acquire a community center as outlined below. ISR’s management is fully aware of these challenges and working very hard to find the alternate solutions. We approached to City council back in Jan 2010 and pleaded our case to have separate bigger place. We also start hunting available places in the north region of the city and work together with city officials. We also met the management of four churches in north area and requested them to rent for Friday prayer but so for no luck. We also told them that we are willing to buy in case they want to sell. Simultaneously, we also involved city councillors and have several meetings with Sharron Bryce and Mike O’Donnell (Chairman city Council) is assisting and helping us to date also met with previous Mayor Mr. Pat Fiacco also met with director school board Ms. Debra Burnett.